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Highlighted Project

Swan Creek is actively following the storage market as it considers integrating batteries into commercial scale solar and microgrid applications.


Innovative microgrid project in Burlington, Ontario combining solar, natural gas, and flow batteries that supply energy to both DC and AC loads in a grid-connected application that will be able to both “island” seamlessly and support grid services. Installed in 2017 with ongoing testing and upgrades planned in 2018.

Key Projects

Swan Creek Energy focuses on renewable and clean energy technology projects in the mid-Atlantic region and beyond, typically ranging in size from 2MW to 10MW, both net metered and in some cases grid connected. Key projects include:

US Foods Corporation, Perth Amboy, NJ

8.1 MW rooftop solar project in Perth Amboy, NJ for US Foods Corporation, one of the largest solar rooftop projects in the United States.  The project delivers power to US Foods’ refrigerated warehouse from arrays on both US Foods’ own building and an adjacent building in the same commercial warehouse complex. See this project at work.

William-Sonoma, Cranberry, NJ

3.55 MW rooftop solar and energy relighting project in Cranberry, NJ for William-Sonoma, one of the largest energy efficiency relighting projects in New Jersey.  Notably, we reduced the facility’s total electricity demand by more than 20 percent while providing energy at reduced cost to serve the remaining load.

City of New Brunswick, NJ

4.5 MW distributed solar project in the City of New Brunswick, NJ, one of the largest and earliest distributed municipal solar projects in the Northeastern United States.

All of these projects were awarded after a competitive process, including review of the company's qualifications, past performance, financial strength, and price offering, among other factors. Swan Creek Energy’s portfolio of developed and/or financed projects includes 35 megawatts (MW) of completed projects, with more currently under construction.

Swan Creek also has multiple projects in early to late stages of development and we are constantly seeking new opportunities – using a broad range of distributed energy resources – for future development. In support of this effort we have created proprietary modeling approaches designed to maximize project returns and to identify financeable energy innovations in nontraditional sectors.


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