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Consulting & Advisory Services

Counsulting and Advisory Services

Swan Creek Energy also provides consulting and advisory services to clean technology companies, leveraging the extensive experience of its principals in energy and environmental law and policy, clean technology business development and financing, and renewable energy project development.

Past assignments for the principals of Swan Creek Energy have included advising a major health care system on optimal energy options for a new hospital, resulting in major solar and combined heat-and-power development; advising municipal governments on available technologies for energy efficiency and renewable energy prior to initiating public bids; advising the owners and developers of utility-scale combined natural gas generating stations on regulatory issues and on asset sales; supporting wind energy developers in successful project bids in response to proposals in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia; developing municipal aggregation programs for local governments; advising private firms and municipalities on waste-to-energy development in Ontario, Missouri, New York State, North Carolina, and Oregon; advising management on restructuring and recapitalization of a small energy services company.

Swan Creek Energy and its principals have also contributed significantly to the development of energy policy and legislation, testifying periodically before state legislatures, federal and state regulatory agencies, the United States Congress, the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the German government, both on its own behalf and on behalf of clients.

On occasion principals of Swan Creek Energy step in on a contracted basis to augment senior management in clean technology companies through Swan Creek’s strategic partnership with Wentworth Partners. Assignments have included roles as President of US operations for a start-up chemical recycling company; as a financial and business advisor to an early stage biomass technology company; and currently as Executive Advisor to a power electronics company focused on microgrids.

Consulting and advisory work in the energy sector often requires legal expertise, acumen, and advocacy, and Swan Creek’s strategic partnership with Bradley M. Campbell LLC ensures that our customers and clients know when and where significant legal issues intersect with business and management challenges.


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