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About Swan Creek Energy

Swan Creek’s leadership team has over sixty years of experience in renewable and other innovative energy projects, with expertise in clean energy technology, regulation, construction, and project finance.  Our team has helped customers from commercial warehouse owners to public school districts reap the benefits of solar power by using available roof space, parking areas, or vacant land for solar arrays owned and operated by Swan Creek Energy and our investment partners.

By entering a power purchase agreement with Swan Creek, energy consumers can contract electricity at 10 to 15 percent less than competitive utility rates and “lock-in” these significant savings for terms up to 20 years. By entering a lease agreement with Swan Creek, site owners can generate incremental income from lease payments on otherwise underutilized assets. In both cases, our customers and site owners can participate in the rapidly growing renewable energy industry facilitating reductions in their own carbon footprints.

Beyond solar, we have helped companies and governments identify and finance major energy efficiency projects, develop potential hydroelectric power sources, integrate highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) into large facility operations, and transition from fossil fuel sources to the cleanest available waste-to-energy (WTE) technology. We are currently working to develop 9MW of distributed storage capacity using a proprietary technology from a partner company.   

Swan Creek Energy's innovative energy projects typically require no capital investment on the part of our energy customer or our site partner.  We also assume full responsibility for construction and commissioning of the system as well as for ongoing operating and maintenance costs of the system.  Throughout the process we work diligently to minimize the impact on our customers and site partners from the construction through the  development process.

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