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Swan Creek Energy, LLC is a leading developer of innovative energy projects for both private companies and public agencies interested in cutting costs, generating new sources of revenue, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with no required out-of-pocket expense. The scope of Swan Creek’s development activity spans the design, finance, construction, operation, and maintenance of a wide range of alternative energy projects, sometimes coupled with lighting and energy efficiency services.  

The firm’s current focus is on distributed solar and distributed solar plus storage applications, including the emerging market for microgrids (that typically include solar and storage but are capable of delivering an even higher level of system resilience). In doing this, Swan Creek Energy always strives to deliver to its customers the optimal mix of proven technologies while maximizing the benefits of current public policies and renewable energy incentive programs.

Swan Creek has developed one of the largest distributed municipal solar projects in the Northeastern United States casinos, one of the ten largest rooftop solar projects in the United States, and one of the largest energy efficiency relighting projects in New Jersey. Swan Creek was selected to develop these projects after competitive bid processes based on a review of the company's development team, capabilities, track record, and resources.


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